What I think of using Twitter?

twitter birdTwitter is an interesting and fun pastime. Almost everyone has a twitter account, and Twitter makes finding people and keeping updated on their lives easy. There is much information to be shared, many pictures to be seen, a great deal of music to be heard, and a lot of news to tell out there on Twitter. The flow of tweets is constant and tweets are happening in real time by the second. Astronauts are sending picture tweets from space now!

Twitter is a way to find like minded individuals, and track news and current trends while giving one a presence on the internet. Your account is available to anyone for following, and almost anyone is available for following including celebrities. Twitter has become a place for breaking news, and is a tool of Journalism for the professional or the average passerby. If the national media overlooks a story for coverage, the story can still be heard through the accounts of regular people expressing their views or stating their facts. This may make the media more accountable for the factual news events they present.

Having an account seems to be an essential necessity in marketing today. Twitter has been established for nine years, and has 300 million users. One hundred and forty characters are allowed in a single tweet. Hash tags help in organizing and finding information. Though people say Twitter has remained the same over the years, I am expecting some new innovations in the near future.

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