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Blogging is a way to get an audience for your ideas and connect with people. Writing articles regularly lets people see your style and how you communicate. For a business, a blog is a less formal place to reveal more about a company. When blogging, a post should contain something of quality, or you may risk losing a follower. There are different websites out there that offer free hosting, and template designs. Blogger and WordPress are two such popular sites.

The difference between a website and a blog is that, a blog has regularly updated information posted on it chronologically, with the most recent information appearing first. The information will also have a headline, and the ability for readers to comment. You can also change these free blog sites into a formal .COM by purchasing a site. That’s how one removes the words WordPress or blogger from their Domain name.

I like how a blog can also be a diary, and a location point for saved information. Everything that you placed on the page is there to be easily referenced at anytime. I have included art, music, and photography that I have produced on my blog. Without difficulty I am able to go to the site and locate the information I may want to share or experience again.

Using words that grab a reader’s attention are helpful, as well as using images, video and links in the posts that add content and clarity to what you’re trying to say. There’s a community of like minded people out there and a blog is a way to find them.