Music From Bass Heavy Collective at Alibi Ale Works Brewery

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Brewery and public house

Bass Heavy at Alibi Ale Works
 On Thursday September 24 DJ’s Mizl and I.J.V. were there to provide the music for the night. Mizl began the show with heavy reggae beats that blended into melodic techno.

There was a mix of different ages that night, and a bunch of young rowdy drinkers. Bartender Dave Kemrey, from Kings Beach said, “the show was an awesome good turnout and a lot of college kids were there.” He also mentioned that Paint and Pint is happening every other Thursday before the DJ’s come in.

There is a good selection of homemade brews on the premises, including an IPA made with mango and pine sap, named ‘you’re welcome’ which has  9% alcohol content. Pints of beer are about $6. There were people skipping and dancing around; the faint smell of a clove cigarette lingered in the air, and someone at the bar had their dog with them. Besides Alibi’s paint and drink class, the brewery has a lounge area and an outdoor beer garden. The place is nicely decorated and the bathroom floor is tiled in pennies.

“I had a blast. I saw a bunch of familiar friendly faces. We had some people out here, busting out some funky, unorthodox dance moves; which is always a pleasure to see. It’s nice to see all the people coming out and supporting a really cool space,” DJ Mizl said .

Mizl currently from Truckee, CA said, “I like to play some tunes and set the vibes for a night. Reggae is feel good music.” Thirty year old Mizl explained that he has been a DJ for half his life, and the Bass Heavy music collective is a group of good friends doing events all over North and South Lake. “It’s fun sharing music with people. It’s kind of universal”.

Mizl and I.J.V. continued to play reggae most of the night. The packed bar suddenly dispersed at once right before 11pm.  “It ended a little short. Everybody thought the place closed at eleven. That’s why everyone just jetted at the same time,” Mizl said.