What I think of using Twitter?

twitter birdTwitter is an interesting and fun pastime. Almost everyone has a twitter account, and Twitter makes finding people and keeping updated on their lives easy. There is much information to be shared, many pictures to be seen, a great deal of music to be heard, and a lot of news to tell out there on Twitter. The flow of tweets is constant and tweets are happening in real time by the second. Astronauts are sending picture tweets from space now!

Twitter is a way to find like minded individuals, and track news and current trends while giving one a presence on the internet. Your account is available to anyone for following, and almost anyone is available for following including celebrities. Twitter has become a place for breaking news, and is a tool of Journalism for the professional or the average passerby. If the national media overlooks a story for coverage, the story can still be heard through the accounts of regular people expressing their views or stating their facts. This may make the media more accountable for the factual news events they present.

Having an account seems to be an essential necessity in marketing today. Twitter has been established for nine years, and has 300 million users. One hundred and forty characters are allowed in a single tweet. Hash tags help in organizing and finding information. Though people say Twitter has remained the same over the years, I am expecting some new innovations in the near future.

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My Top Ten Favorite Sting Songs


  1. I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying
  2. We’ll Be Together
  3. Straight To My Heart
  4. Walking On the Moon
  5. I Was Brought To My senses
  6. Fragile
  7.  Desert Rose
  8. I Burn for You
  9. Mad About You
  10.  A Thousand Years

Sting has been making music for about fifty years. He started as a musician in a Jazz band when he was a teenager. Eventually he became a teacher to pay his bills, but he found fame in the Police along with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers. The Police were at the top of the charts before they disbanded, and he started his solo career. One reason he is unusual is because he plays bass and sings.

I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying is a mix of emotion with a country western feel. I picked it as a favorite, because it’s reminiscent of a time in my life. I like how stars are chosen for each of his family members. My dad gave my mom a bracelet made of stars once. I like the howling Sting in We’ll Be Together. Straight To My Heart starts off with percussion and is upbeat. The words flow together. This is a happy interesting song on my favorite album, Nothing Like the Sun.

Walking On the Moon, “we could walk forever, we could be together,” has a reggae beat. I especially like the way he stretches his vocals and changes tempos. He does that a lot in his songs. Back To My Senses is a ballad. The first two minutes are primarily vocal. Fragile is a special song with a magical quality; “flesh and steel are one”. Fragility breaking into violence, but nothing comes from it.

Desert Rose reminds me of Mad About You. The singing in the background is exotic, mysterious and ethnic. The beginning of Mad About You is melodic, timeless and full of time. What exactly is he mad about? His enemies gone free? Or is it the women of his desires? A Thousand Years has this strange sound rumble in at the start and unusual instrumentals. This is a song about reincarnation and eternal love. The eternity of love he sings about in Mad  About You. My favorite lyrics are found here:

I may be numberless, I may be innocent
I may know many things, I may be ignorant
Or I could ride with kings and conquer many lands
Or win this world at cards and let it slip my hands
I could be cannon food, destroyed a thousand times
Reborn as fortune’s child to judge another’s crimes
Or wear this pilgrim’s cloak, or be a common thief
I’ve kept this single faith, I have but one belief

I still love you
I still want you

Summary of Ira Glass on Story Telling

Ira Glass is a popular news radio personality who currently has 3 million listeners on his show This American Life. Glass says that writing for television and radio has a formula that is different from the way we were taught to write in school. He explains that there are two main building blocks to broadcast writing: The antidote and a reflection. The antidote is best to begin with action that drives the reader to ask questions that are later answered. In the antidote one thing is explained after another like a train anticipating its destination. There is momentum to the story that makes even the boring interesting. We are telling the reader what happened in a sequence of events, manipulating them to ask questions to keep them engaged. After the story is explained the reflection explains what the point of it all was. The reflection supports the antidote and says you just read this because it was useful or important in some way. The two of these elements combined are able to make something greater than what they are alone.

Glass also says a good story is hard to find, and one is ambitious to throw away a project that isn’t that good and start something completely new. He refers to all TV and radio as digressive, pointless, and boring. To be good he says is to get right to the point, be ruthless and tough, and discard a lot to make a good production. Everyone is aiming to make something special, but in order to get there, luck and perseverance is involved. After much practice and failing don’t give up and eventually the production you were dreaming you could make will be made. Doing a lot of work, week after week, and year after year is going to be the way one adapts the skills to succeed with their vision of quality.

Thankfully being you and speaking naturally is compelling. Never try to imitate someone else. Develop your own personality. A good personality, and a good story involve the drama of characters. An interview or conversation should have both parties involved; not just one person talking. Let yourself be seen and heard as a personality during an interview, and listen to what the other person is saying in the conversation.

Ira Glass talks about storytelling

Tahoe YoKo


Limo at midnight
Millionaires brief silence talks
Fish Stones Pebbles Last

Wind Waves Athletes Love
The rich walking pond ripples
I phone in both hands

Trail Infinity
Blue sky black hilled forest
How can I serve you

Push the envelope
And she was given Riches
Of Auburn Sunlight

John I have met you
On the beach a thousand times
Before the Sunset

That’s when I wrote lore
On bright orange sea rocks blank
SECOYA glisten

I’m in the water
Crush Everything Is A Poem
Say Romantica

Music From Bass Heavy Collective at Alibi Ale Works Brewery

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Brewery and public house

Bass Heavy at Alibi Ale Works
 On Thursday September 24 DJ’s Mizl and I.J.V. were there to provide the music for the night. Mizl began the show with heavy reggae beats that blended into melodic techno.

There was a mix of different ages that night, and a bunch of young rowdy drinkers. Bartender Dave Kemrey, from Kings Beach said, “the show was an awesome good turnout and a lot of college kids were there.” He also mentioned that Paint and Pint is happening every other Thursday before the DJ’s come in.

There is a good selection of homemade brews on the premises, including an IPA made with mango and pine sap, named ‘you’re welcome’ which has  9% alcohol content. Pints of beer are about $6. There were people skipping and dancing around; the faint smell of a clove cigarette lingered in the air, and someone at the bar had their dog with them. Besides Alibi’s paint and drink class, the brewery has a lounge area and an outdoor beer garden. The place is nicely decorated and the bathroom floor is tiled in pennies.

“I had a blast. I saw a bunch of familiar friendly faces. We had some people out here, busting out some funky, unorthodox dance moves; which is always a pleasure to see. It’s nice to see all the people coming out and supporting a really cool space,” DJ Mizl said .

Mizl currently from Truckee, CA said, “I like to play some tunes and set the vibes for a night. Reggae is feel good music.” Thirty year old Mizl explained that he has been a DJ for half his life, and the Bass Heavy music collective is a group of good friends doing events all over North and South Lake. “It’s fun sharing music with people. It’s kind of universal”.

Mizl and I.J.V. continued to play reggae most of the night. The packed bar suddenly dispersed at once right before 11pm.  “It ended a little short. Everybody thought the place closed at eleven. That’s why everyone just jetted at the same time,” Mizl said.