A Philosopher’s Stone


A Souled defined as separate yet connected to the living, possibly being the universal solvent that was searched for in the quest for knowledge of the elixir to life. The soul being in this state able to commune with the living or not living, if able to recognize one another in The River of the Stones Souls.

Our Souls gain knowledge and consciousness over time, and souls travel separate from the body. We are the liquid metal, the poetic Caduceus; dead or alive our soul conscious continues on immortal in peace and balance. Our souls defined in the sum total of a moment, separate or together with all that we encounter with the consciousness of Philosophical Matter living on. It is believed that the chaos of The Stone is what is creating the philosophical matter.

The souls, a collective gathering for knowledge, capable of arriving in a place limited by their beliefs, experiences, and technology. Technology -that also being of the spirit mind capable of traveling great distances of time and space. The magic to Alchemy working with the chemical element of a past or present incarnation; Alchemy being defined as “any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.”

Some Alchemist were supported by kings while others were jailed. Some thought if the Alchemists were successful at transmuting the base metals into gold the economic community would be affected. That was what the myth of the stone was most known for.  Some say The Philosophers Stone symbolized perfection at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly Bliss.   

The first matter of things being substance of creation, living and death, a universal substance that is un-transmutable.  Transmutation can also be chaos in the physical world of A philosopher’s dilemma on becoming real, while uniting and untying the I’s of the higher and lower aspects of themselves with the philosophical matter; as above so below in perfection and enlightenment. Jesus Christ being implied by the pure perfection of being, a doorway mystery opening and closing simultaneously; Aten’s passageway revealed, accompanied by an unattainable rainbow bridge to the other side. The Blood of the Lazarus Heart: The higher consciousness above, positing itself through art transmutation. A philosopher with one leg in philosophical matter, and the other grounded on the earth.




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