Travel the Galaxy


  1. In an effort to assist the Galactic Federation the Jedi hold body guards to the Senate Republic. Bubba Fett is a commando, that means he is an expert at blowing things up. At some point he agreed to be the donor of his DNA to clone an army for the Emperor Palpatine AKA Dark Lord Sidius, the eventual Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Federation, and part of the agreement involved Bubba Fett having one clone that would be his, which he raised like a son while living on Camino.

On the planet Camino it rains all the time. The people of Camino are white creatures and look very alien to humans. They are extremely tall at twelve feet high, having oval faces, thin bodies and big eyes. They seem generally peaceful but they are working for the war machine. They have been hired by the trader of the Republic to create a clone army.

2.  They work for pay and have scientists on their staff that research and create the DNA structure of the best way for this outcome to be a soldier. Maybe you have noticed that in general as people we all really look alike especially when compared to an alien species. Dark hair or blond, maybe red a human’s features are all very similar to an alien.

  1. Anyway the clones, mostly Caucasian’s at I think 98.3% are almost all actually identical, grown very quickly into adulthood by their manufacturers, later in life they become themselves and may dye their hair, grow it long or have a buzz cut. They are basically the same, just as people are, but they see themselves as brothers and they are a part of a very special elite military clan. Their sole purpose fighting wars, their DNA manipulated for this only purpose, they are unique only in their life experience. The clone army is made up of these ‘brothers.’ Some do a lot of human soul searching.

“The Clone Wars” is a TV series that spins off of the Star Wars movies, which encompasses six movies, plus the ones made by Disney who bought Lukas Arts from the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas.

4.  Every Star Wars geek has been force to talk about the order. That’s the defining moment for them. Starting with “Star Wars” in 1977, “Return of the Jedi” followed, then came “The Empire Strikes Back”, but the next three movies released by the original creator tell the story of what actually happened before these first original three movies. In 2015 the first Disney release, Episode VII The Force Awakens came out.

Yes, this is confusing even to the fanatic.

Technology played d a part in the order. The Director was unable to make the creation of his vision of Coruscant in the 1970’s and that is in part why he started with the later part first.

5. Luke Sky Walker all time famous Jedi meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, {the girl with the round braids on either side of her head} and Hans Solo the cool guy. When Hans sees Princess Leia kiss Luke: there is nothing like this. He freaks out. There is tension, but actually Luke and Leia are sister and brother. The force is strong with them. They have a high count of Midichlorian in their blood and they are the children of Darth Vader; the bad guy in black who is also strong with the opposing dark side of the force.

  1. Before Darth was known as Vader he was just a cutie who unfortunately ended up being a slave on Tatooine; a dessert planet full of Raiders. This brilliant child could build and race Pods, and won a race after meeting Obi Wan Kenobi. In Episode I the Phantom Menace. Transportation……

7.  Anikin also meets Padme Amidala the young governor of Naboo. Each planet in the system is very different from one another, and space travel is the only way to get from one place to another. At the time Anakin is at least 7 years younger than Padmae. He is a very special child, while she is a young political ruler of the whole planet of Naboo.

8. In the next movie they are older and start a forbidden romance, for to be Jedi means commitment only to the Jedi Order. This romance leads to his corruption, because of how much he loves her; his only concern is to protect her. Anikin Skywalker forms a very sad alliance with the Dark Lord Sidius, who represents the dark side of the force rather then the Jedi side; the dark side is sourly the scary Sith.

  1. The Emperor Palpatine /Lord Sidius, this leader of the Senate in the Federation, Galactic Chancellor, has been able to keep the appearance of being on the good side of the force.

Emperor Palpatine becomes a false ally to the Jedi, and the good Senator Padmae.  Palpatine is complete evil because the dark side of the force is almost omnipotent with him. No one good realizes this yet.

When Anikin joins the Jedi as a young boy of nine special permission from the Jedi council must be granted because he is already to old to learn the ways of the force, but Obi Wan Kenobi promises responsibly for him.

10.  Now during the first three original movies, Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker after he has become a dark entity in the future: “Star Wars”, the “Empire Strikes Back”, and “Return of the Jedi”. In the later 3 produced parts of the series, “The Phantom Menace”; “Attack of the Clones”; and “Revenge of the Sith”, we see Anakin before he has become the dark entity known as Darth Vader. In these 3 later parts of the series we see Anikin as a small boy living on a slave planet basically born into slavery with his mother who is also a slave.

11.  Then Skywalker ages. He grows up and develops his skill as a Jedi under his master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is an apprentice of sorts, an underling known as a Jedi Pad-Wan, but very important and powerful he is. He hides his romantic involvement to the senator of Naboo in the Galactic Federation often assigned as Amidala’s body guard.



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