Reflection on Avalanche At Tunnel Creek

Photo Courtesy of NASA Mars Avalanche

Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek     Before reading the article, I was surprised that the piece had been recently produced in 2012. I was expecting something older. We were told that the article set the standard for Multimedia Journalism and I thought we would be looking at something a decade old for some reason. That a standard has been established within the past few years seems both fresh and conclusive. I also noticed the writer never mentioned the year of the avalanche. I’m wondering if this is done to engage a reader; in hopes that the story is still relevant even years from now.

The story was captivating and by clicking on the media that was dispersed throughout the writing one was given an in depth and thorough view of the event. As I followed the links of videos and pictures I was brought much closer to the story, by being giving a lot of background information, especially about the people involved.

The title and authors name was at the top of the article with a moving photograph of snow on the mountain in the background. A short forty-five second video of the person he interviewed was available to play toward the end of his description of her experience. Later others that were involved had their names highlighted and linked to slide shows where each photograph in the slide show was given a descriptive sentence. While talking about Chris Rudolf, the Director of Marketing at Stevens Pass a small square photo of him was place on the right that also linked to a slide show. This photo looked like a Facebook profile.

A moving map of the mountains was placed toward the end of the authors description of the terrain, pin pointing the exact location relative to the surrounding mountains. Photos, slide shows, and videos continued to be placed to the right side of the page in line with the subject matter of the writing. As the names were listed, also were the small square tiles of faces on the right of the page linked to slide shows of photos of the individuals. At the end of the article a dated and timed weather map played showing the progression of the storm.


One thought on “Reflection on Avalanche At Tunnel Creek

  1. Nick Galantowicz says:

    Interesting insight about the story not mentioning any dates. Usually that’s mentioned right away to build relevancy for the reader. Great reflection.


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