A Philosopher’s Stone


A Souled defined as separate yet connected to the living, possibly being the universal solvent that was searched for in the quest for knowledge of the elixir to life. The soul being in this state able to commune with the living or not living, if able to recognize one another in The River of the Stones Souls.

Our Souls gain knowledge and consciousness over time, and souls travel separate from the body. We are the liquid metal, the poetic Caduceus; dead or alive our soul conscious continues on immortal in peace and balance. Our souls defined in the sum total of a moment, separate or together with all that we encounter with the consciousness of Philosophical Matter living on. It is believed that the chaos of The Stone is what is creating the philosophical matter.

The souls, a collective gathering for knowledge, capable of arriving in a place limited by their beliefs, experiences, and technology. Technology -that also being of the spirit mind capable of traveling great distances of time and space. The magic to Alchemy working with the chemical element of a past or present incarnation; Alchemy being defined as “any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.”

Some Alchemist were supported by kings while others were jailed. Some thought if the Alchemists were successful at transmuting the base metals into gold the economic community would be affected. That was what the myth of the stone was most known for.  Some say The Philosophers Stone symbolized perfection at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly Bliss.   

The first matter of things being substance of creation, living and death, a universal substance that is un-transmutable.  Transmutation can also be chaos in the physical world of A philosopher’s dilemma on becoming real, while uniting and untying the I’s of the higher and lower aspects of themselves with the philosophical matter; as above so below in perfection and enlightenment. Jesus Christ being implied by the pure perfection of being, a doorway mystery opening and closing simultaneously; Aten’s passageway revealed, accompanied by an unattainable rainbow bridge to the other side. The Blood of the Lazarus Heart: The higher consciousness above, positing itself through art transmutation. A philosopher with one leg in philosophical matter, and the other grounded on the earth.



Travel the Galaxy


  1. In an effort to assist the Galactic Federation the Jedi hold body guards to the Senate Republic. Bubba Fett is a commando, that means he is an expert at blowing things up. At some point he agreed to be the donor of his DNA to clone an army for the Emperor Palpatine AKA Dark Lord Sidius, the eventual Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Federation, and part of the agreement involved Bubba Fett having one clone that would be his, which he raised like a son while living on Camino.

On the planet Camino it rains all the time. The people of Camino are white creatures and look very alien to humans. They are extremely tall at twelve feet high, having oval faces, thin bodies and big eyes. They seem generally peaceful but they are working for the war machine. They have been hired by the trader of the Republic to create a clone army.

2.  They work for pay and have scientists on their staff that research and create the DNA structure of the best way for this outcome to be a soldier. Maybe you have noticed that in general as people we all really look alike especially when compared to an alien species. Dark hair or blond, maybe red a human’s features are all very similar to an alien.

  1. Anyway the clones, mostly Caucasian’s at I think 98.3% are almost all actually identical, grown very quickly into adulthood by their manufacturers, later in life they become themselves and may dye their hair, grow it long or have a buzz cut. They are basically the same, just as people are, but they see themselves as brothers and they are a part of a very special elite military clan. Their sole purpose fighting wars, their DNA manipulated for this only purpose, they are unique only in their life experience. The clone army is made up of these ‘brothers.’ Some do a lot of human soul searching.

“The Clone Wars” is a TV series that spins off of the Star Wars movies, which encompasses six movies, plus the ones made by Disney who bought Lukas Arts from the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas.

4.  Every Star Wars geek has been force to talk about the order. That’s the defining moment for them. Starting with “Star Wars” in 1977, “Return of the Jedi” followed, then came “The Empire Strikes Back”, but the next three movies released by the original creator tell the story of what actually happened before these first original three movies. In 2015 the first Disney release, Episode VII The Force Awakens came out.

Yes, this is confusing even to the fanatic.

Technology played d a part in the order. The Director was unable to make the creation of his vision of Coruscant in the 1970’s and that is in part why he started with the later part first.

5. Luke Sky Walker all time famous Jedi meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, {the girl with the round braids on either side of her head} and Hans Solo the cool guy. When Hans sees Princess Leia kiss Luke: there is nothing like this. He freaks out. There is tension, but actually Luke and Leia are sister and brother. The force is strong with them. They have a high count of Midichlorian in their blood and they are the children of Darth Vader; the bad guy in black who is also strong with the opposing dark side of the force.

  1. Before Darth was known as Vader he was just a cutie who unfortunately ended up being a slave on Tatooine; a dessert planet full of Raiders. This brilliant child could build and race Pods, and won a race after meeting Obi Wan Kenobi. In Episode I the Phantom Menace. Transportation……

7.  Anikin also meets Padme Amidala the young governor of Naboo. Each planet in the system is very different from one another, and space travel is the only way to get from one place to another. At the time Anakin is at least 7 years younger than Padmae. He is a very special child, while she is a young political ruler of the whole planet of Naboo.

8. In the next movie they are older and start a forbidden romance, for to be Jedi means commitment only to the Jedi Order. This romance leads to his corruption, because of how much he loves her; his only concern is to protect her. Anikin Skywalker forms a very sad alliance with the Dark Lord Sidius, who represents the dark side of the force rather then the Jedi side; the dark side is sourly the scary Sith.

  1. The Emperor Palpatine /Lord Sidius, this leader of the Senate in the Federation, Galactic Chancellor, has been able to keep the appearance of being on the good side of the force.

Emperor Palpatine becomes a false ally to the Jedi, and the good Senator Padmae.  Palpatine is complete evil because the dark side of the force is almost omnipotent with him. No one good realizes this yet.

When Anikin joins the Jedi as a young boy of nine special permission from the Jedi council must be granted because he is already to old to learn the ways of the force, but Obi Wan Kenobi promises responsibly for him.

10.  Now during the first three original movies, Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker after he has become a dark entity in the future: “Star Wars”, the “Empire Strikes Back”, and “Return of the Jedi”. In the later 3 produced parts of the series, “The Phantom Menace”; “Attack of the Clones”; and “Revenge of the Sith”, we see Anakin before he has become the dark entity known as Darth Vader. In these 3 later parts of the series we see Anikin as a small boy living on a slave planet basically born into slavery with his mother who is also a slave.

11.  Then Skywalker ages. He grows up and develops his skill as a Jedi under his master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is an apprentice of sorts, an underling known as a Jedi Pad-Wan, but very important and powerful he is. He hides his romantic involvement to the senator of Naboo in the Galactic Federation often assigned as Amidala’s body guard.


Master Li has been on the mountain top studying with Wudan Monks in deep meditation when he experiences his endless sorrow. On there way to Peking.


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

The back drop filled with grassy small hills; rolling and plenty snow capped mountains. Jagged, stark, and white the character Lo AKA Dark Cloud says “I want to make you mine forever” to his lover Jen. “I will make my mark on the world and earn your parents respect. We have a legend. Anyone who jumps from that mountain, God will grant them a wish. Long ago a young mans parents were ill so he jumped; he didn’t die. He knew his wish would come true. He wasn’t even hurt. He floated away, far away never to return.” One can see the actors sincere expressions on their faces as heart felt word pass between them. In this scene all the cinematic elements blend into an obviously well done perfect moment.

A love story begins between Dark Cloud and Jen as she travels in royal style while wearing the fine silk embroidered robes of a governor’s grand daughter her caravan is high jacked by bandits and robbed. One of these gypsy desert bandits, Lo, rides on horse back close to her carriage and grabs an ivory comb out of her hair. A romance and love affair ensue after he saves her life several times in this barren region.

This movie won four Academy Awards and a Golden Globe for the Best Director Award in 2000 and was directed by Ang Lee. Only a small amount of graphic violence prevails in this martial arts film choreographed by Yuen Wo Ping that also stars Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh.  This is a Sony Picture Classic in collaboration with Columbia Pictures Asia film production with visually striking scenes, and action packed kung-Fu style fighting that is combined at one point with a very dramatic and intense rooftop chase.

This classic but unique Chinese cinema storyline told through subtitles continues on the screen with an amazing sound and visual production throughout. This is a story about the “The Green Destiny Sword.” The story begins in a small picturesque mountain village when Master Li Mu Bai arrives home after this long time away he is reunited with Shu Lien. Their middle class home and costumes are natural and authentic for humble warriors. Master Li and Shu Lien often wearing plain raw silk buttoned robes of the upper society, or that of a serious martial arts student.

Embracing the light, the hero Li Mu Bai returns from battle after having a spiritual experience of an enlightenment without bliss horrific moment on the battle field he was stationed on.  He describes this as an endless sorrow and something he can’t let go of. During this return to his family and friends in his home village he gives up the Green Destiny sword saying “It only looks pure because the blood washes off so easily.”

Shu Lien brings the Green Destiny Sword to Lord Te as a gift, but he at first denies acceptance by saying “He is the only one in the world worthy of carrying it,” referring to Master Li. The narrow 2’ X 9”X 1” thick sword, being 400 years old was created with a technique that was lost before the Han Dynasty has seven rubies missing from the handle. Li Mu Bai has owned the sword and Shu Lien has helped to protect it.

Li Mu Bai, Shu Lien, Jen, The Green Fox -along with this Green Destiny sword that can slice through metal seem to have an almost magical supernatural quality about them. Shu Lien privately passes the sword onto the gentle wise aristocrat Lord Te. The home of Lord Te, located in Shanghai, is decorated with the most ornately carved ebony wood arches, jade statues, screen walls of quality and endless ebony doors. Flowers, lanterns, carpets, candles, tapestries and finery accompany his surroundings. At his estate the costumes are especially prestigious and authentic in indicating personal status for the era of the late 1700’s. Lord Te’s attire is that of fine embossed silk. Te wears a black silk cap with a jade stone attached on the front, and has a long black braid that hangs down his back.

The sword of destiny is stolen that same night given to Te by a mystery martial artist who is actually Jen. A young visiting grand daughter of Governor Yu’s to be married soon. She has been secretly studying under the Jade Fox. Eventually Jade Fox becomes aware that as a young girl Jen had stolen pages from Fox’s sacred Wudan book. Jade Fox discovers that her student has hidden the secrets that were pages in her martial art book from her all these years. Fox is not happy about this. This act prevented the Jade Fox from totally achieving her art.

Everyone should see the famous roof top chase that must have inspired several films that came afterward, including action spy films like James Bond and Mission Impossible. The thief and Shu Lien almost dance, thronging hits and kicks as they fly and run gracefully across the clay roof tops and up solid stone walls. The background music driving the excitement and anticipation with the rhythmic pounding of the traditional Chinese bass drum; beats pounding fast like a heart racing. While the musical soundscape, natural and realistic blends with the background of the twang of market drums. The rhythm of drum beats to a fighting and chase during this long sequence: Chasing, fighting, flying over the rooftop; lots of traditional fighting scenes with captivating action, and without apparent real injury damage proceed.

The sassy surprisingly young character of Jen gives the movie a fun spark. She takes on the villagers as a master in a challenge at a restaurant. When one asks if her style is Crane, she replies she is not a duck and conquers everyone there, but especially beats a man that looks like the one she was being forced to marry. Shu Lien and Li Mu Bai trail close behind Jen in pursuit of the sword, but she finds them instead shortly after.

The outdoor landscapes of scenery please the eye and portray diverse aspects of Chinese culture that include different traveled lands; from cities to the rocky knolls of deserts, to plush forests, and mountain tops. The interior scenes of the distinctive homes and costumes add a richness to the cinematic experience. The quality acting and sound design make this movie suburb.





The Legend of Snow Fall

Lake Tahoe Incline Village

Photo by Bliss Summerstone

Bliss Summerstone Reporter

 Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist of the New York Times John Branch Visits Incline Village

“I’m going to tell you exactly what it was like as much as I can,” said award-winning journalist John Branch in describing his investigative reporting and writing.

About the Pop-Up Salons:

The Nevada Humanities organization kicked off their series of Pop-Up Salons with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist John Branch, the seasoned sports reporter for the New York Times for their start of the series. Branch was available for conversation to a group of around 50 on Friday, March 23, at the Incline Public Library as part of the Pop-Up Salon. Media Coach and former PBS News Anchor Brent Boynton introduced Branch by leading a talk for the first hour. Boynton asked Branch about what his life was like before becoming a journalist and what his plans were for the future, and then opened a discussion with questions from the audience. Afterward, attendants had the opportunity to speak with Branch personally during a social gathering.

Christina Barr, executive director of Nevada Humanities, said: “This is a program of Nevada Humanities, that part of the inaugural Pop-Up Salons that will be happening statewide. This particular one is special. It’s an inaugural program of our year-long focus on Pulitzer Prize winners. This is one of the reasons we chose John Branch tonight, because he is just this creative dynamic journalist who also won a Pulitzer Prize for this amazing article “Snow Fall.” I felt like tonight was a wonderful success and I love our crowd and that everyone was engaged and had questions. That’s the purpose of a salon; to really bring topics of interest to people who want to gather, and talk, and explore ideas. A great start.”

Instead of the academic style of the original ‘Salon’ series that began at Sundance bookstore in Reno, Nevada Humanities added the opportunity for conversation to the ‘Salon’ events. “People do actually want to have deep meaningful conversation. This generates community that is hard to find,” Christina Barr said.

This casual atmosphere allowed the group of attendees to socialize with each other. Branch, wearing a pinstriped shirt and blue jeans, spoke enthusiastically to a group of journalism majors from Sierra Nevada College about the creation of “Snow Fall” and the way it changed news. “Snow Fall” was Branch’s Pulitzer-winning article that chronicled a destructive avalanche at Stevens Pass that involved 16 professional skiers. The article was one of the first to be told through mulit-media journalism and has set an industry standard.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.34.28 PM

Snow Fall

That story, “Snow Fall,” was one of the first stories told through multimedia journalism: at 17,000 words, with photos, video, interviews, graphics, and twenty people woven into the feature, it was a ground-breaking work of journalism. This legendary article has set a standard in modern journalism today and is taught in schools across the country and the world, but Branch said there were many “unseen people” at the New York Times that helped to make the piece come together.

Take the time to journey through this enthralling, intense and descriptive article.

According to Branch, “After the story ran, they had departments around the New York Times, like Business, calling the Graphics department going, ‘Hey, we have a cool story too. Can you ‘Snow Fall’ it for us?’”

“Five years ago we would have a story idea,” Branch elaborated. “We would say, ‘Let’s assign a reporter. He or she will write it, and then we will see if there is some multimedia to do also. Now we say, ‘Great idea. Should we write it? Or should we do it through photos, graphics, or is there some other way to do it; through video?’ Maybe we don’t even write the story.”

Branch said, “Here’s the thing: I can only take responsibility for the text and the story,” explaining he gave information to editors and graphic designers, but he had “no clue” how they got it done. “Ï get too much credit for the presentation of ‘Snow Fall.’”

Karen Wikander, Digital Projects and Programs Manager for Nevada Humanities, said, “[John Branch] is very humble too and clearly loves what he does. He is amazing, and a phenomenal story teller. People might not recognize that. When you hear ‘journalist’, you know that they [sic] write news pieces and things like that, but his ability to chase out a human interest story is a credit to what he does.”

John Branch in Incline Village

And that’s exactly what he loves about journalism: exposing the room that is behind the curtain of the hidden camera in sports and taking his audience with him to the inner circle of his story. John Branch sees this as an obligation he enjoys. He brings people into a world they would otherwise never have gotten a chance to view without him.

Sierra Nevada student Jamie Wanzek said, “I love reading peoples’ writing, and then meeting them and hearing their story and what brought them to where they are….. John Branch writes about the grit of sports, and the stories have a lot of substance; like the ones you don’t want to hear about because it’ s tough to hear.”

Boy On Ice

Branch also authored the non-fiction book “Boy on Ice,” about twenty-eight-year-old Derek Boogaard who died with serious brain deterioration from his life in sports. This was an additional topic for discussion at the salon.

“I started reading his book, ‘Boy on Ice’, about the hockey player. That is a very powerful book about the violence in hockey. It really makes you think about the violence in all sports,” said Pam Rasmussen, the Incline Village Public Library manager. “I love football, and now I have to rethink how much I watch football if it’s going to haunt these players.” While describing the violence and bodily harm the hockey players face for our entertainment in this spectators’ sport, she said, “Their hands turn into clubs because they fight, and they break open their knuckles day after day. This doesn’t heal, and when it does heal, it’s just scar tissue.” Rasmussen found the book enlightening and enjoyed being able to get an objective inside look at a topic she knew little about. “What I appreciated about Branch is his honesty in approaching whatever topic he writes about, and looking at it in every different angle. When I read his work, there is never a hint of judgment,” she said.

On Newspapers

In an age when printed news seems less and less vital, Branch said, “There would always be a need for newspapers,” even in this internet focused world.

Newspapers aren’t regulated by the FCC the way that TV and radio are because they don’t have to get their licenses renewed by the government every year. This creates a greater opportunity for the truth of news to be found in paper rather than a televised news broadcast per se. “We have to have newspapers; we have to have people who are giving us the first version of history as newspapers are,” Branch said to Brent Boynton during his interview. He added about the future of news: “I’m a big proponent of the First Amendment and Fourth Estate.”

Branch was proud of the fact that he helped to facilitate the tearing down of “metal walls” between the departments of the New York Times.

“I’m working on a big story now that is basically going to be a bunch of multimedia things strung together without words. I’m the connective tissue, as opposed to “Snow Fall”, which was a giant massive text that we have broken up with multimedia. It taught us that it doesn’t always have to be text …  which is kind of exciting.”



I found my way back on to the street, and started heading toward the main square know as Stephansplatz, which is located at the geographical center of the city of  Vienna, Austria. The streets made out of old cobblestones support the amazing hustle and bustle of life found in this area of the city, centered near the famous Stephansplatz Cathedral. The Gothic architecture of one of the tallest churches in the world is the seat to the archbishop of the city. This very old and massive structure transports you to another time of an older world.Vienna 2011 371
Exclusive restaurants and shopping boutiques line the boulevards, and on their sidewalks unusual characters pose or perform for the tourists. Suited musicians play in the street. You wonder who they might be as you stop and listen to their string ensemble of amazing talent. In the distance a crowd forms around a party of break dancers. A single artist performs, painted in gold from head to toe, wearing fashioned clothes like those of Mozart. He poses in photographs with tourists for a price.The click-clack of horse-drawn carriages adds to the background sounds and ambience of this cultured & mannered city.
 Vienna 2011 222

“Gruss Gott,” God is good here. Everywhere I go I’m greeted with this phrase, and occasionally, someone who is likely from outside the city says “Guten Tag” instead. Vienna has been rated the top city in the world for the sixth year in a row by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. This survey ranks over two hundred cities to help governments and large companies place employees internationally.

The summer days feel warm and linger longer than the summer days of the States. I’m an American and I’m here to see Europe for the first time. While exploring I see people sitting in the park  eating their lunch on real plates with silverware and drinking from glasses, not disposable paper or plastic. I have never seen anything that civilized before. This city is perfect for me with about one and a half million inhabitants. I would visit the public grounds of the palace Schönbrunn everyday if I lived here.  Schönbrunn is a large estate with many walking paths and gardens to traverse. The imperial palace of the Hasburgs has 1441 rooms and the grounds are just as elaborate with 300 years of history in the gardens. Flowers, woods, landscaped labyrinths, and lots of statues line the walk ways.

Vienna 2011 034
Less than an hour away pristine mountains ranges luminate the backdrop of the sky. A bus takes travelers to the top of the mountain, past residential neighborhood villages filled with ginger bread like houses. I like everything about this place.  While riding on the bus a stranger stands and offers their seat to an older passenger. This is a common practice for the mannered people you will find here.

The streets of  Vien vibrate with shops and businesses and passer by, each neighborhood seemingly different. Finding people speaking English happens often, especially in the retail boutiques, but one should never anticipate this. That would be rude. A cup of coffee becomes an experience, always a freshly made espresso, mine with creamy latte.  Finding my self inside MC Café I’m astonished by the chandeliers and leather seating. Behind the counter fine pastries fill the shelf and as I order my coffee I am still given a freshly made latte.

Gruss Gott

Do you speak English? —- Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Thank you —– Danke

Please  ——– Bitte (also said when handing an item over, eg payment)

Don’t mention it (response to thanks) —- Bitte


Hiking Lake Tahoe

There are lots of hiking trails in the area of Lake Tahoe, some ideal for the beginner while others are suitable for the expert. As you walk along the trails the view of Lake Tahoe is usually seen. The Tunnel Creek Trail is perfect for someone who is just beginning and there are always people walking along the trail. There is a steep incline for the first couple of miles but otherwise this trail is very flat. The Tunnel Creek Trail leads into the Flume Trail. You can find the entrance near the Tunnel Creek Café in Incline Village.

There seems to be a community of hikers that share in this life experience together while they independently venture the landscape. Whether they are out there carrying a 50 pound pack for a two week trip or just out there for a short five to ten mile day hike, they have a saying, “hike your own hike,” in regards to what one should bring: Only what is really necessary for themselves. Food is very important and something you don’t want to run out of. The wind is something else to consider and could easily blow away your belongings if your not careful.

A walking pace is normal for a hike; 3 to 3 1/2 miles per hour. The Tahoe Rim Trail is 165 miles and is a part of the 2,663 mile Pacific Crest Trail that goes through 25 national forests and 7 national parks. Hiking may not be the ideal sport for winter because of the cold and snow creating a dangerous terrain.

Find more information on local trails here:


Photos from the entrance to the Tunnel Creek Trail



Sunset 1.jpg

Blogging is a way to get an audience for your ideas and connect with people. Writing articles regularly lets people see your style and how you communicate. For a business, a blog is a less formal place to reveal more about a company. When blogging, a post should contain something of quality, or you may risk losing a follower. There are different websites out there that offer free hosting, and template designs. Blogger and WordPress are two such popular sites.

The difference between a website and a blog is that, a blog has regularly updated information posted on it chronologically, with the most recent information appearing first. The information will also have a headline, and the ability for readers to comment. You can also change these free blog sites into a formal .COM by purchasing a site. That’s how one removes the words WordPress or blogger from their Domain name.

I like how a blog can also be a diary, and a location point for saved information. Everything that you placed on the page is there to be easily referenced at anytime. I have included art, music, and photography that I have produced on my blog. Without difficulty I am able to go to the site and locate the information I may want to share or experience again.

Using words that grab a reader’s attention are helpful, as well as using images, video and links in the posts that add content and clarity to what you’re trying to say. There’s a community of like minded people out there and a blog is a way to find them.